Tuning Methodology The Tuning Project is convinced that the development of competences in educational programmes can significantly contribute to opening an important area of joint reflection and work at university level in Europe about the new educationaparadigm, the need for quality and the enhancement of employability and citizenship and the creation of the European Higher Education Area
Carrier Education and Workforce Development Initiative in Shida Qartlis Region,USAID, 2009-2010,project manager Lali Gogeliani.
. New teaching and learning methodologies forGTU teachers (USA embassy, MES of Georgia, GTU) . Facilitator Lali Gogeliani.
Science Education for New Civic Engagements and Responsibilities (USNSF, Harrisburg University, George Meison University, GTU), 2006 -07 .Project manager from GTU Lali Gogeliani.
First community College in Georgia (GTU,Iowa State University, CCID) USAID foundation.2007-to present.Project manager Lali Gogeliani.
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